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Solar Refinance

This facility enables households and commercial enterprises to acquire solar systems on credit. The facility was introduced to enable access to electricity in off-grid areas through addressing the affordability barrier arising from the up-front cost of solar systems acquisition.Read More >>

Power Connection Loan Facility

The Power Connection Loan Facility was first piloted in the West Nile region in partnership with a utility Company (WENRECO) and Centenary Bank. The programme was introduced to address the affordability barrier arising from the upfront electricity connection costs including; wiring of premises, poles, connection fees charged by the utility company and/or conversions from diesel-powered systems to grid electricity .Read More >>

Providing Technical Assistance

This programme is in place to address pre-investment barriers that are faced by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and includes start-up technical and financial assistance. The capacity building provided under this pragramme is usually in the form of Skills Transfer Events, Business Clinics and Trainings.Read More >>

Working Capital Facility

This programme is being put in place under the Energy for Rural Transformation (ERT) III project to facilitate Solar Vendors who sell systems on Pay Plan and Cash basis. After design of the facility, UECCC intends to avail credit to Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) for on-lending to Solar Companies/ Vendors.Read More >>

Partial Risk Guarantees

This facility is also being designed under ERT(III) and will be offered to PFIs to partially cover their credit risk related to their lending to Solar Companies. The Partial Credit Risk Guarantee facility is expected to become available in April, 2017. Read More >>

Biomass Refinance Facility

UECCC intends to partner with a Tier IV Financial Institution – EBO SACCO LTD to pilot a Biomass Financing Facility for Biogas Digesters. The facility targets to finance both domestic and commercial biogas digesters. At an average price of UGX 2.5 Million for a domestic biogas digester, the pilot amount will be able to finance about 84 households..Read More >>

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